Meeting Megan

My life isn’t perfect. I strive to be the best at what I do. There are more than enough reasons why I need to fit in or be perfect. I want the family. The success. The love. Where does that start? Where do I begin? Well one thing I can say is that I begin as Megan Henderson. If anyone knows anything about me they know that my name is everything. Henderson isn’t a name, it’s a legend. It’s not just my heritage it’s my right. It is everything I should be. Ask my Dad he’ll tell you the legend of the Henderson’s. Well, I am Megan. At first when I wanted to be the legend that my name added up to I became Henderson/Hendo/Hendi. I went to college and Megan was such a popular name. I became an individual and became Hendo.

There are some other Henderson’s in this tale. I have four amazing, and beautiful older sisters. They are everything I wanted to be when I grew up. They are caring, smart, tenacious, and loving, in that order, they are also loud so don’t be fooled. Going to college I learned that I couldn’t be my sisters. I had to be me. I was this girl who was fun, free-spirited, fun-loving, and careless. When you are in your first few years of college that is exactly the type of person you wanted to be. I am the girl that left her car in the front drive way of her dorm room because she lost her keys for a week. That doesn’t seem feasible, but it is. That’s me. I forget everything, remember the reality. So where is the in between. Where is the girl who was Hendo and the girl who became Megan?

As cliché as it sounds my daughter drew that line. At 21 years old I became pregnant with my daughter. At 22 I gave birth to the most beautiful blue eyed baby girl. I knew I was young but that didn’t seem to matter. I was fresh out of a sorority house, a new born to the real world. I knew how to pay my rent on a bartender salary but how do you create a life on it? That was the Jerry martini. If you made it right it was a guaranteed ten dollar tip every time. Something as small as making this 80 year old man’s drink perfectly every time became the difference between my hobby and my income.

Life does crazy things to you. One minute you’re a bartender serving your friends shots. Next minute you are serving drinks to buy diapers. Life sneaks up on you and plays tricks like a magic show. One minute you’re in hand cuffs, the next you’re showing the audience the great reveal. Life also changes your audience. As kids it is your teachers and your parents. As 19 year olds it is your co-workers and friends. As parents, it is your children and your spouse. Every time you wake up and wonder if you did the dishes the right way or if the stuffed animal is still in the bed. Even worse is when you wake up at three am thinking OH MY GOD I FORGOT THE RANCH AT TABLE 40! (This is a real thing that happens to you as a bartender.) Then you take a breath and think you know what I did them both.

That’s me, I’m Megan. I am a mom. I am a bartender. I am the youngest sister of five girls. The role in my life is different every day. One day, I will be something. I might be the mom of the year. I might be the sister with the best birthday gift. I might just be the girl that remembered the extra ranch. But, you know what as a girl who loves dressing, sometimes the extra ranch… it makes all the difference.This Is Me Mom and Lile

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